Creature Garden – 3D Printed Game Models

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The idea of the project was to combine the virtual game world with physical 3D printing. Here are some shots of the actual models exported from Unity and 3D printed.

Creature Garden 3D build

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This is the end result. It was a lot of fun to put it together and easy to get lost in it. Like anything, your left with the i should

Game Engine Build

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Heres the final game engine main scene. A lot went in to this in a very short time (1 week on the unity end) so its not particularly well optimised

Set Design Sheet

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Nothing new here. Just some artwork and prototype assets on a presentation page. Ready for the final build.

Texturing & Rigging – butternut bear

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Full design sheets and finished bear model ready for unity. This is the only model that was textured in 3ds max. Everything else was unwrapped in max and imported to

Game Engine Prototyping

[list style=”orb” color=”black”] Press the button below to view the creature garden prototype web build. [/list] [button url=”http://www.niallsdroppinscience.com/3d/cgardenproto1/cgarden3Dweb.html” align=”center” color=”black” width=”threequarter” ]creature garden prototype web build —– PRESS HERE[/button] Below

Scene Objects

Some quick modelling of a few scene assets for use in a prototype build of the scene.

Bear Creature Modelling

Character Design

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A start on designing a bear type character.


More sketches. Scans to follow. I’ll be working mainly on finalising creature designs and storyboarding for the next two weeks before full production begins. [videoembed type=”vimeo” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” align=”aligncenter” width=”768″ url=”https://vimeo.com/52837303″