A selection of original i.p. mobile apps and games I worked on when I was with a small independent studio, Parakite Ltd. I was technical artist, creative lead and also did some general game dev work.

The Butterbies

Virtual Pet and Mini-games

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The Butterbies is a game primarily for children where the child adopts and takes care of a lost caterpillar egg and raises it to a beautiful butterfly. The child needs to regularly clean, feed and play with the virtual pet to keep it healthy so it will evolve to the next stage. This teaches the child the effort it takes to properly look after a pet and it is not a trivial undertaking. If neglected the pet does not die it just looks sad and un-cared for.  There are a large number of butterflies, each with its own personality and profession to collect. 

Meet the Butterbies.. your new Butterfly best friends…

Our little baby caterpillar egg is lost and needs your help to get home!

Can you take care of our lost egg, clean, feed, talk and play mini games including Dress Up with your own virtual pocket pet friend and watch it grow into a beautiful butterfly then help it find its way home to the Butterfly Village?

Scary & Melon

Interactive Children's Book


Interactive Story Book and Games for iPad

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Scary and Melon is a fully interactive children’s story book for iPad. 

It features a selection of characters and fully voiced story with some games and interactive narrative elements. All the illustrated characters are fully rigged and animated with touch based controls to move around and interact. The environments are built in 2.5D with some nice depth and parallax effects.

Awesome Awesome Aliens

Virtual Talking Aliens


Interactive Virtual Characters and Games

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Awesome Awesome Alien is a mobile game for kids.

The aliens have crash landed. Help them survive and have fun along the way. 

A collection of interactive characters with games and dress up items. The app also featured talking interactions, speak and repeat with funny voices.