Creature Garden 3D build

This is the end result. It was a lot of fun to put it together and easy to get lost in it. Like anything, your left with the i should just tweak one more thing feeling or maybe i should move that object slightly. In such a short time frame its not too bad though.

**note – requires unity web player to be installed. Will take up to a minute to load depending on your connection.
[button url=”” align=”center” color=”black” width=”threequarter” ]CREATURE GARDEN – web build[/button]

A few plugins and Unity extensions were used to achieve some aspects.

I used iTween quite a bit to script a lot of the animations as well as the path finding on the bears circular walk loop. A little messy but effective.

The bears walk animation uses the mixamo plugin for retargeting procedural animations. I made all sorts of walk cycles but its not something i’m particularly good at and getting a high quality animation to fit just made it look so much better. Its not without problems though, but mostly down to the rig and design of the bear. The short arms and legs were a bit of a pain to rig along with the actual shape of the body.

I used ‘megafiers’ morph system. Would have like to use it more but the creature meshes teeth, gums & feet are separate objects so morphing one makes the other tear through. I’ll know for next time how to set it up in the modelling/unwrap stage.

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