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Hi, i’m Niall. I am a games and interactive software developer, with experience in audio engineering, 3D design and animation, spatial computing, mixed reality and BCI neuro signal processing for human kinematic decoding.

I work in Game Development Education at the School of Arts and Humanities in Ulster University’s Derry campus in the north west of Ireland. I am also a PhD researcher in the Intelligent Systems Research Centre within the School of Computing and Engineering . My PhD research area is in embodied mixed reality feedback for upper limb motion decoding brain computer interface. 

Previous to educational and academic research I worked on commercial indie games in various roles both in teams with some talented people and some solo contracted development. I started in 3D modelling, rigging and animation, went on to more technical artist roles, and eventually moved into software development, game and tools development. 

I have been employed as a researcher at Ulster University on various projects where I worked on serious games, simulations, software development, wearable tech and immersive mixed reality applications. My ongoing research interests are in serious games, fun games, virtual worlds, mixed reality and neurotechnology. I am particularly interested in how games, visual, auditory and embodied feedback can have a positive impact on people.

Outside of that..I have background in audio engineering, music production, recording, drums and had a short lived music career in production of Derry’s original hip hop group circa early 2000’s (yes that’s a thing). I collect some vintage recording gear, tape machines, vintage speakers, synths and things I can wire together and make sounds in my home setup. I like to do these things in my spare time and work on game dev and experimental creative projects here and there.


An Auld Narrative Adventure Game


Burnout meets Crossy Road Game Demo


Dynamically Destructible Game Environment (Commercial Prototype)

Digital Heritage

VR Historical Reconstruction Experience and Digital Heritage Exhibition


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Serious Games

Serious Games & Learning Simulations


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Commercial games and interactive projects

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