Virtual St.Catherines

Virtual reconstruction and VR experience


Transnational Digital Heritage (EU Funded)


VR Experience and Digital Heritage Reconstruction

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St Catherine’s VR is an immersive virtual reality experience based on the historic remains of St. Catherine’s Church in Killybegs. The VR experience features a detailed, historically accurate, virtual reconstruction of the 16th century church and graveyard built using real-world archaeological data collection methods and heritage archive information.

Players can step into the past to virtually explore St Catherine’s to gain an understanding of the history, heritage and stories associated with the church and surrounding area.

Within the St. Catherine’s Virtual Reality experience users can visit a virtual museum. In the virtual museum the user can view a selection of digitised historical artefacts and documents.

St Catherine’s VR showcases how heritage can be experienced using the latest digital virtual technologies and 3D visualisation techniques.

Spirits of St.Catherines is another mode that lets players explore the graveyard at night to capture the ethereal spirits. Once captured, they can reveal the grave information where the spirits rest.

Virtual St.Catherines was developed as part of the Connected Culture and Natural Heritage in a Northern Environment (CINE) was a collaborative digital heritage project between 9 partners and 10 associated partners from Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland between 2017-2020

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