A Rare Auld Adventure


Personal Game Prototype


Narrative adventure with stylised surreal gothic noir themes

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Northbound is a game concept that I completed the early stages of development. Intended as a soulful & surreal experience. I did a lot of prototyping with a visual style and working out some concepts and systems. I made a lot of custom tools for parsing text, cinematic camera movements, dynamic audio etc..

The general idea was to develop a slow burning noir adventure. I had been experimenting with some custom flat colour shading in Unity, doing some character  & environment modelling and testing out character animation and interaction concepts. The whole process was very much inspired by ‘Kentucky Route Zero’

Its a personal project I worked on from time to time. The aim was to create a vertical slice or working scene at some point and evaluate the project’s direction and scale. I often think to return to the concept and make something a little smaller in scope.