Game Engine Build

Heres the final game engine main scene. A lot went in to this in a very short time (1 week on the unity end) so its not particularly well optimised but as its a desktop build and with current processing power it will pretty much run on any system with a few frame rate issues on low spec machines. The good thing about Unity is the user can select their resolution and quality setting automatically on desktop builds. Plus the automatic level of detail, static batching of multiple objects and automatic culling means it handles most of the complex optimisation by itself. This project is more about visualising the game world and 3D print concepts and using Unity meant i was free to concentrate on the scene, design, animation, and over all look of the garden.

Like any game engine file its pretty easy to end up with thousands of files in a short time considering it has, meshes, textures, animations, bones/bipeds, scripts, lights, particle systems, image effects, sounds, triggers & colliders.

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