Warden Model

There is still a bit to do on the texture side. This is based on ‘the walking dead’ game style but its not really working on this model. The lines will likely be removed when it comes time to start on the animation. All in all the final model closely resembles the spec in the drawing so thats half the battle. Its all a bonus after that.


This is the warden model using the amazing DX11 tessellation displacement shader in Unity 4. It really works well on this occasion as its smoothes the polygons in a natural way. The added benefit with DX11 is that it gets pushed to the gpu (i think) and is very low cost, performance wise, considering the sheer amount of polygon faces created. Its also got automatic LOD in the tessellation. Its so good i’ll be switching the final development to the pc to get the full DX11 benefit.

warden tess shader

The below texture tests are to try a suggested idea of printing the uv template, hand drawing and scanning back in to apply to the model.

texture tests

ao uv pass

warden process

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