Owl & Tree Design Sheets

owl design sheet A3

The idea with the owl is for a scene featuring a hollowed out tree where the owl lives and allow for some simple animation. Its not intended to fly, just blink, flap its wings and pop in and out. As a 3D model it’ll be simple to make from a sphere or cube. Having it in a tree also means i can get away with no detail on the back and hopefully it’ll be something that can be completed in an day or evening. Probably best to model it with the tree and bring the whole thing in. Maybe share the textures space too as its tied to the tree.

Tree design sheet A3

These are some of the standout tree shapes in the park i’ll be modelling. Still a fair bit to work out in the design but that can be done in 3ds max when i get a feel for the mesh. I’ll also have a generic tree with modular foliage balls that can be tweaked in unity to provide some variety and also save on memory by batching the repeated parts.

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