Modular Walls

Forgot to post this earlier. The walls are based on the walls from brooke park.

I had a bit of decision making regarding the diffuse texturing. There was a point where everything was going to have a painted effect but with normal and specular. In the end the i thought it just looks better in the light with the standard diffuse matching the normal and specular exactly. I remember seeing a gdc lecture on engineering the characters for fight night (don’t have access to the gdc vault anymore to get the reference). A portion of the lecture was dedicated to the importance of matching texture maps down to the pixel. It was a lot more complicated than i’ve explained here with their super high end character skins, sweat etc….Anyway, the painted diffuse here meant the light shined on the normal and specular but at odds with the diffuse. It wasn’t bad but not necessarily a good look for the project.

modular walls1

The walls are modular and can be used to create any shape in the environment.

modular walls2

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