Motion Controlled Interactive 3D World

Moonlight Park is an immersive interactive audio visual installation where users are able to connect with a virtual 3D environment using full kinect skeleton tracking. It runs as an interactive ‘play wall’ where each user is rendered into the environment as a procedurally generated avatar with automatic tracking upon coming into contact with the motion camera. The environment supports as many users as can fit into the physical space. Using skeleton tracking allows for a multitude of interactions based on body and limb movements and affords the player an intuitive means of discovery within the virtual environment.

In Moonlight Park the focus is on triggering animations, lights and sounds to create an immediate connection to the virtual environment. It is accessible to all ages and abilities with a slant towards creating a sense of wonder and encouraging ‘play’ for children and younger age groups.

The world of Moonlight Park is a magical, night-time, botanical environment presided over by the grumpy park warden (he’s harmless really..). It features four distinct interactive scenes with different interaction types for each. It is a serene world, full of wonder, designed to stimulate the imagination and senses.