Unity Object Orbit – Presentation Format

This is little app i developed as an idea how to present a 3D character interactively. Nothing special.I was thinking if i deliver the thing as an app then i’d need to get around to making the user be able to look about the character. The good thing about this though is it should work on mobile touch screens as well as web and stand alone.

After testing this i think i’ll use it to deploy all my models along the way for interactive viewing. Its basically set up to be able to drop a different model in and set it as a transform pivot for the camera. Just involves dragging the model to the public target variable set up in the cameras properties. Difficult to get working to start with but easy once its set up.

Haven’t figured out how to embed the unity web player in wordpress yet!
In the meantime click the big button below to load the interactive character viewer.

[button url=”http://niallsdroppinscience.com/3d/test/object%20rotation%20test%20web.html” align=”center” color=”black” width=”half” ]Custom Unity Character Viewer — Slug[/button]

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