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I’ve been looking at dataflow: visualising information in graphic design 1 & 2 for inspiration. I’m interested in the approach to large scale data renderings and how its organised. For my purposes i’m considering the connections between people, places and time and A lot of this is a really a kind of meta information feed. This got me thinking about a top-down map based approach and using points of interest to create a connected world. There are some examples of how this view or can be implemented graphically.

Anyone who played ‘Fez’ will be familiar with its map system. It makes sense in the game world to have a 3D map considering the subject matter and 2-3D perspective shifts. It is also the most frustrating game map i’ve come across, but in such a complex world/game its a minor detraction from something so ambitious.

Lastly, i came across ‘Metasyn’ meaning Meta view i believe. A similar approach to using data connections to power an interface. Its by sixth sensor, who also has a lot of interesting uses for Unity and other installation pieces. He also wrote the Unity to .stl script i used in my creature garden project.

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