3D Printing

After a critique the idea of 3D printing was suggested so i began directing some research into the area. Its something that seems to be rapidly expanding and with that we can wonder if there will be a tipping point where it becomes a ubiquitous process for the home consumer. Bearing in mind that i’m considering a game engine as a possible delivery platform along with a short viral animation i started to consider the idea that you might be able to print from a game. Its only theoretical at this point but for Unity 3D there is a script to export an .obj from the engine while its running. If it can be converted to one 3D format then why not a .stl 3D print format. This opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Most mobile games have some sort of viral export as part of the marketing strategy. Facebook, twitter, youtube..its designed to monetize the app by creating an advertising community. For example ‘talking tom’ has millions of channel views for their app exported videos and have started moving into cartoons, merchandise etc..What if you could bypass all that and allow people to print the characters from your game? Or even better, design their own character inside the game and print their toy/creation with the press of a button.

Behold the maker bot!

Going back to the original brief and the idea of developing an i.p. with a further scope of merchandising. Just an image to bear in mind as to where these ideas can end up.

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