3D: Innovation Initial Brief

This is my first post for my 3D:Innovation module. I’ll be belatedly posting my fist 5 weeks of research and work in the one session here.

I’ll start with my brief and show how the idea has developed and the different unexpected directions its taken. The idea has changed somewhat from the initial aim of developing an i.p. for a mobile game/virtual pet environment and presenting it as an animated short. I’m now looking at different delivery platforms and researching a few different technologies, mainly 3D print based ideas.

The idea is based around botanical creatures and environments.

Initial brief for the 3D: Innovation module. Click the button to download as a pdf.
[button url=”http://niallsdroppinscience.com/3d/creatures%20in%20my%20garden%20brief.pdf” align=”center” color=”black” width=”threequarter” ]creatures in my garden brief[/button]

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