Texturing & Rigging – butternut bear

Full design sheets and finished bear model ready for unity. This is the only model that was textured in 3ds max. Everything else was unwrapped in max and imported to Unity as FBX files. The texturing was then completed in photoshop and saving the files directly into Unity’s asset folder. Same process as texturing with photoshop files in max but with the added benefit of directly updating the in-game models.

All model in the game have at least a diffuse normal and specular map. The default in Unity is to put the specular map in the alpha channel of the diffuse unless you use an alternative shader or write your own. Its a bit of a pain on large projects to copy paste the specular in photoshop every time you make a change and even more or a pain when using a bumped specular transparent shader with the alpha channel of the diffuse used for alpha and specular!

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