Scene Composition – Object Placement

scene composition

The above image shows how the environment is composed. A lot of assets and a lot of time was spent on achieving the optimal view of each scene. The easy part was that camera doesn’t move so i could just focus on making each scene look goo from that view.

There are a lot of colliders and and a lot of scripted animations and sound. Mostly though, once i got going i just had fun with it. The vast majority of the project was spent on design, content creation and planning. The actual build took a week and a half including code, 14 hour days or more though. It cant be overstated though the value of pre-production and prototyping. There was never a point where i was stuck and and it was a rewarding flow working on it and it started coming together. Its always tempting to go at something in the engine but time spent on design counts for a lot more than time spend working blindly.

The scenes from the user perspective.
set rotation 1

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